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Rolled Ice Cream Catering

Rolled Ice Cream Catering Philadelphia Food Trucks

Catering Rolled Ice Cream: The Perfect Sweet Treat


Rolled ice cream is made using mainly cream, milk, and sugar. It is mixed, flattened and rolled into the popular dessert we adore serving! The taste of this sweet treat is extraordinary. It is creamier than the average ice cream you’re used to and allows you to customize your order any way you’d like! 


So where is rolled ice cream near me and how can I have it at my event? 


Rollin’ Frozen is a rolled ice cream food truck; which allows us to travel to your events with ease. This includes: birthdays, corporate events, sporting events, competitions, carnivals, festivals, and much more! 


We entertain the entire crowd because each order is constructed right before your eyes and the flavor possibilities are endless! 


Top Rolled Ice Cream Truck in ORLANDO


Why is Rollin’ Frozen the top rolled ice cream truck in Orlando? Because we strive to serve only the finest and freshest rolled ice cream, made from the highest quality ingredients. 


Our rolled ice cream is heavenly. We pay close attention to the texture and quality of every batch we serve. We also have a vast selection of toppings for your sweet treat! 


But what truly separates us as being the top rolled ice cream truck in Orlando?


The love we have for the customers and the desserts we serve them. You will not be able to find a rolled ice cream food truck in Orlando that will provide you a more memorable and flavor-filled experience than Rollin’ Frozen. 


Why Choose Rolled Ice Cream Catering? 


It is a mouth-watering handmade dessert that is perfect for the upcoming, beautiful Orlando summer. The process involves choosing a base flavor of ice cream which is combined with your choice of ingredients to be mixed, flattened, and rolled into the wonderful mouth-watering confection. It requires great skill and craftsmanship to create this sweet treat. You are provided a completely customized experience!


The best part? It’s all curated right in front of you! You get to be involved in the process from start to finish. It’s a fun, creative environment that provides you an experience like no other. We strive to have every customer’s encounter be enjoyable and unforgettable so they never stop coming back!

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