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Rollin' Frozen: Philly's Best

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Why Book a Dessert Food Truck?

Food trucks offer a way to bring food to your event or business without a permanent setup. Offering food is perfect for employee appreciation, and to bring some excitement to your place of work! There's nothing like a special event to show your team that you really care, and get them excited about your mission.

Dessert food trucks in Philadelphia are perfect for the summer months, when ice cream is just the thing you need in the warm weather. But don't forget about the holidays, when your crew will want something sweet after dinner. Dessert food trucks pair with any other truck, mobile, or permanent food offering without competing. Adding a dessert option will keep the party going longer!

If you've ever supported an ice cream truck, you know that they offer the most unique, fresh spin on frozen deserts!

What Type of Ice Cream does Rollin Frozen Offer?

The name says it all! Rollin' Frozen specializes in Rolled Ice Cream, which is the latest trend in desserts. Rolled ice cream originates in Thailand, but has been brought to the West and is taking over the food truck scene! 

Rolled ice cream uses a combination of milk, cream, and sugar for the perfect flavor. Choose your favorite flavor and toppings and we'll roll and mix your bowl just for you!

What Area Does Rollin' Frozen Serve?

Rollin' Frozen is based in South/Central Philly, but can set up shop anywhere in the greater Philadelphia area, including Cherry Hill and King of Prussia. 


Because of our high end truck & cooling systems, we can serve at any time of year, from the dead of summer to the middle of winter. 

What Types of Events are Good for a Dessert Food Truck?

It would be easy to say that "any event" is great for a food truck, but we're a little biased! Here is a list of our favorite places to set up our ice cream food truck:

  • Music Festivals

  • Parades

  • Art Festivals

  • Company or Business Events

  • Sporting Events (Football, Baseball, Soccer...)

  • Outdoor Movie Nights

  • and So Many More!

At Rollin' Frozen, we love serving up the best dessert in Philadelphia, and we love working with local businesses and organizations. Book our food truck below!

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