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What is rolled ice cream?

Rollin' Frozen rolled ice cream Philadelphia dessert food truck

Homemade Rolled Ice Cream 

We love that our rolled ice cream is made fresh in the Rollin’ Frozen food truck daily. The batter is transformed in front of you. It begins as a liquid ice cream base that gets poured onto a freezing flat top with any additional toppings you choose. 


We then chop and smash the concoction together until it begins to form a solid base. It’s quickly spread into a thin layer and freezes almost instantaneously. Then, we scrape the ice cream up from one side of the cold iron to the other, creating cylindrical-shaped, spiral curls that are placed into your cup. 


It is beautifully finished with more of your favorite toppings and then it is photograph ready and time to dig in!

Why is Rolled Ice Cream Better?


Rolled ice cream is different from traditional ice cream in many different ways. First off, it uses less sugar than traditional ice cream, which means it has fewer calories per serving. It has no air added to the mix, which makes rolled ice cream a little denser than typical ice cream. Lastly, it has some added flavor because the ingredients are mixed in at your request.


 We take pride in offering a healthier dessert that provides different flavor profiles, while being made to your specifications. We use no chemical preservatives and no artificial flavorings, so we can guarantee your rolled ice cream has the freshest taste with the finest ingredients! 


It's also a little bit different from traditional ice cream because it doesn't come in a cone; it comes in a cup that you eat with a spoon. The toppings you desire are placed inside and on top for a bite that’s filled with flavor until it’s all gone! 


Philadelphia Rolled Ice Cream 

It’s oddly fascinating to watch rolled ice cream being made, especially at our Philadelphia location, and the end results are rather lovely. 


We’re essentially talking about a little performance art plus a heightened aesthetic — that is, making ice cream prettier and more fun to watch from start to finish. You, as the customer, have the flexibility to choose whatever flavors you want. 


At Rollin’ Frozen in Philadelphia, you start out with a basic ice cream mix and then you get to add in anything you want. The creation possibilities are endless! 

Rolled Ice Cream in the Summer 

Our Philadelphia rolled ice cream food truck is the perfect location to cool down in the summer. Once your rolled ice cream hits your tongue, it immediately liquefies and turns into a creamy texture. 


It’s a lot creamier, airier in texture, and feathery sweet. Something you just don’t get from the traditional scoop of ice cream that you’re used to. Come and try some rolled ice cream at the Rollin’ Frozen food truck in Philadelphia today!

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